With asthma, the airways are hyper reactive due to a genetic process (usually developing in childhood).
Some people can grow out of it or not notice the deteriorations as they get older. Asthma triggers the muscles in your lung airways to constrict, narrowing them literally like breathing through a narrow straw. The issue is not getting air in but actually getting air out. Some children don't wheeze as their airways are too narrow and small to allow enough air to pass to make the wheeze sound. Instead they often cough, as the body senses a build up and tries to expel the air by coughing. Asthma can be life threatening. Although some people can overcome the symptoms by techniques such as Buteyko which is popular, it does not get rid of the cause nor stop the condition being life threatening.

Triggers to avoid include cold air, dusty environments, irritating chemicals like chlorine or sulphur. Other airborne substances like cat or dog hair, grasses and can also make asthma feel worse. The only proven way to prevent an attack is using a series of oral inhalers through a spacer regularly and as required. If you are not getting better ask your doctor for a check up and you might get some breathing tests, skin prick tests, and trial of medication inhalers that should be reviewed regularly.