Sleep is important and usually makes up 1/3 of our lives.
Babies sleep the longest as they are developing at a phenomenal rate, physically and mentally. As we get older our sleep time reduces and some people survive on 5 hours sleep. Everyone is different but most healing and mental processing takes place when sleeping. Disturbance may be due to stress when the brain is thinking too much (usually in an endless loop, ruminating) which means you can not settle enough to sleep.

Sleep apnoea is another problem, which is due to breathing obstruction in deep sleep, which causes the body to wake as much as 30 times an hour which prevents restful sleep. If you believe sleep apnoea is an issue for you, please see your doctor. In other cases, difficulty falling asleep can be due to too much mental and physical stimulation. Try eliminating any stimulation prior to bedtime - don't exercise directly before bed, reduce or eliminate caffeine in the afternoon and evening, try to spend some time prior to going to bed relaxing in low light levels (ie not in front of a computer game or television) and give your body time to wind down before getting into bed (try a warm bath or shower).

If you're still having problems, come in and see us to talk it over.