To Register or Enrol at this practice you will need to follow some steps.
  1. Read information related to the practice to ensure we are right for you
  2. Read information related to registration
  3. Fill in the electronic registration form and submit
  4. Fill in the electronic health questionnaire and submit
  5. Fill in the Transfer of Notes form (and enrolment form if you wish) and sign so we can send to your old doctor to get notes.  Upload to us below
  6. Fill in the Portal Consent form if you wish to use the Patient Portal.  Upload to us below
  7. Provide Evidence of Identity and Eligibility to us. Uploading a copy of passport with appropriate visa documents or alternatively birth certificate with appropriate photo ID
  8. Pay the non refundable registration fee on line to our ASB account.  $10 for electronic form or $20 for paper form

Forms and Document Submission

Picture and PDF formats only.  Files will be resized.

File Upload

Maximum file size: 2.1MB

Information about Patient Portal

Health 365 Website

Privacy policy

Terms and Conditions


Forms you need to fill in and send by email if not filling in electronic forms above

Transfer of Notes form

Portal Registration form

Enrolment form

Patient Conduct form

Other form you might need if not filling electronic forms above

Paper Registration form

Health Questionnaire

Feedback form