Information for new patients

Our role is to help with your health concerns.  We want to guide you through to optimise your health. We do not want to micromanage your health issues. Please take responsibility for your health and let us help you. We are happy to provide relevant information to get you started and to review your progress with suggestions and monitor. We will talk with other people more specialised in your area of illness to get the best results for you. At anytime if you feel you are not getting the best result you need to let us know so we can review your case.

We would like to look at your whole life to get an understanding of your total needs, not just the immediate needs.

We are all for self help and hopefully through this website over time will be able to provide you with information of use to be used with personal advice and things you discover from the internet or friends and family.

We want your experience to be stress free so let us know if this is not so and maybe we can review the reasons why and can improve.

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New Zealand Medical System

This is a Western based Medicine system based on the English with some aspects of the American system of health.

There is the public and private sector health systems.

The Public system is funded by the Government (Ministry of Health) through your taxes. It is a universal system meaning everyone is entitled to care. New Zealand has 5 million people now and they are all able to access this. New Zealand is divided up into area based on population location. There are 25 District Health Boards (DHB) in New Zealand which is responsible for the population in their own areas.

There are 3-4 tiers to the health system. Primary Care,Secondary Care, Tertiary Care and Quaternary Care.

Our practice is part of the Waitemata DHB area – from West Auckland to north of the Auckland Harbour Bridge up to about Wellsford, the population here is about 500,000 (2020)

There are 2 main hospitals here – Takapuna and Waitakere in West Auckland.

Access to Public hospital by self presentation to Emergency Department for urgent problems like chest pain or severe shortness of breath or severe accidents.
The other way to be seen for less urgent issues is by seeing us (your GP) to assess and refer. there is a waiting time of about 3-4 months. Some are sooner depending on urgency.

GP (general practitioner) work with urgent care doctors in primary care.

Urgent Care is generally more available during the week BUT do not receive as much Government funding so tend to be more expensive some times $120 minimum for a visit.  Xrays and other treatments may be extra costs.


Accidents are covered by a scheme since 1974 call Accident Compensation Corporation now known as ACC. Any accident is deemed no fault even self inflicted injuries. This covers rehabilitation to pre injury level. they will help in recovery by subsidising medical care for seeing the doctor, doing testing and having physical therapy.

Private Insurance

Private health system is totally self funded with no government cover. This might be covered by health insurance if you subscribe.  You could do the hard work and compare the benefits of each and the cost.  However there are insurance brokers out there who could also help to outline and do the hard work for you, usually at no cost to you.  Have a look around.  Be aware that insurance premiums get more expensive as you get older and have more medical issues.  Most people over 65 years simply find that it is too expensive to continue.


You need to sign up so we can help you. We need to have your details to be able to know who you are and be able to provide services for you like laboratory forms, radiology forms, referrals for instance.
We need to be able to contact you in case of Emergency if an important result needs to be discussed immediately.


This is a test to see if you qualify for Government subsidised services like medications, free hospital care,subsidised GP doctor and clinic visits for instance. Most people qualify because they are born in New Zealand. Some people are not born in New Zealand but also qualify and may hold a VISA (for more than 2 consecutive years) for work or other reasons. This entitles the person and sometimes family to subsidised care.

Enrolment for public funding

If eligible you may enrol for public funded services including reduced fees when seeing the GP.

Patient Survey

This is a national survey of patients who access public health services and is taken regularly to help improve the system.  The information you provide to your Doctor when you Enrol will be used to contact you for your opinions.

Laboratory services

In Auckland there is a contracted laboratory called Labtests.  They are part of a much larger Australian Laboratory services provider called Healthscope.  Labtests is only one of a number of Healthscope companies working in New Zealand.

Radiology services

There are a number of private radiology providers in Auckland who service doctors in public and private practice.  Usually they will be able to do most common examinations.



CT scan

MRI scan

Other information about health services


Residential Care